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2 years ago

Pearly penile papules home remedy

Pearly penile papules home remedy

Do you have penile papules? Do you know of somebody who has penile bumps? How you must have searched high and low to find a treatment to eliminate PPP. It is not easy having these bumps; more so when you have tried a lot of product and they did not anything to alleviate your condition. Your tried your hands on home treatment but to no avail; freezing did not even help.

After checking in with the front desk clerk, I undressed in the patient room and put one of those uncomfortable gowns on. The doctor knocked and came in with his assistant nurse. They brought a piece of equipment with them that I assumed must be the laser. After setting up, I was told to lay back on the table and the doctor used a topical local anesthetic to numb the head of my manhood. I don't remember much after that because I didn't really feel anything. Later, the head of my manhood was carefully wrapped in gauze and I was given a prescription for mild painkillers.

There are many treatment solutions for penile papules. The principal concept to keep in mind is the fact that these papules are certainly not communicable and is much more of a problem of penile appearance compared to everything else. Patients which are included in a loving and monogamous relationship may sustain a pleasant sex life by simply leaving the papules alone. Because there is no chance that the papules are contagious and there is no augmented threat of penile cancer problems when having papules, the most effective procedure is to just leave it.

Pearly penile papules are not something which with you can feel comfortable. Moreover, the more you see them on your manhood, the more you want them to be gone. Yet, getting rid of them is not such an easy process as one may think or want. In fact, the only medical treatment available for the treatment of this condition is surgery. Whether you use CO2 laser, the Hyfrecator of cryogenics, you will still have to undergo a painful procedure in the course of which the papules are going to be removed. Among the methods mentioned above, the most used is CO2 laser.

The contraction and spread of STDs is a big problem in our society and, as such, most people are well aware of the dangers they face with unprotected sexual activity. While education and awareness is important, this culture also leads to unwarranted suspicion and fear when something like pearly penile papules becomes as issue. Rest assured, however, that these bumps have nothing to do with disease, poor hygiene, or anything else that could be mistaken as an undesirable health effect. While "high risk group" isn't the right term to use for a condition that poses no risk, the bumps are most commonly found in young, uncircumcised men.

Pearly penile papules removal is a concern to the men who have the condition. This is not a sexually transmitted disease but rather a condition that presents itself in rows of tiny bumps on the manhood. These bumps usually show up under the tip and head of the manhood. The scientific name for this condition is Hirsuties papillaris genitalis. As many as 25% of men between the ages of twenty and thirty have PPP although estimates can vary between 8% and 48%. This isn't a disease that needs treatment but rather is considered to be a variation of normal male anatomy. Some males are embarrassed about the bumps, however, and are interested in ways to get rid of them. Genital warts are a condition that have a similar appearance but are completely different. Genital warts do need a doctor's treatment and are sexually transmitted unlike PPP. It's wise to be checked out by a dermatological specialist in order to get a proper diagnosis. Here are some things to think about regarding the removal:

It's time to consult a doctor and get it checked immediately as this could well be pearly papules penile. Men often get depressed mistaking these spots and outgrowth for a cancerous lesions or even a sexually transmitted disease. However, there nothing much to worry about it, for these are not as harmful to your body. Pearly penile papules are indeed mild but can be very embarrassing for people suffering from this problem.

There are many other natural and holistic therapies which can be found in a variety of places but to be honest I am not convinced by these and I think it is a problem which really needs a professionals opinion. I would not be comfortable rubbing strange ointments and creams on my nether regions.

Please note that you can view before-and-after pearly penile papules photos of patients who have undergone the CO2 laser treatment procedure. There are dozens of photos online and they will help you decide if this treatment option is right for you.

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